Worldwide, there are 114 million uneducated children. Our model targets rural villages to provide an opportunity for thousands of students to attend school, and educate communities for creating a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Expertise Expands in Two Areas of Work


In the United States, we focus to educate and empower students on matters of how to alleviate poverty through education and how to create sustainable living. Once we’re invited into your school, we provide the necessary tools to enhance leadership skills and tackle problem solving solutions for poverty. Students who participate in our program engage in community events which raise funds to build a school in a rural village. Students also provide micro loans for small business owners living in the village of their school through partnered microfinance institutions (MFI’s) which will support the attendance of village students.


Invited into a village, we organize a group of community leaders who commit to learning how to alleviate poverty through education. Leaders are educated on how to create a sustainable lifestyle and are equipped to start up small businesses by utilizing loans given by students in the United States. Through partnered MFIs, loans provide funds to create a sustainable model and in-turn a commitment to support their child’s education.

Micro Finance Institutions

Through partnerships with MFIs all over the world, a gap is bridged for rural villages to receive loans that are given by students in the United States. This process encourages families to create small businesses that will pull them up from poverty, and provide their children with better opportunities through education.

A great example of how Micro Finance Loans creates sustainable lifestyle and changes lives, presented by Kiva.


Once students have raised the necessary funds to build a school, they’ll travel abroad to actually help build it alongside local workers using local materials. Students are given the opportunity to engage firsthand with the rural village community on their models of sustainability and personally meet the borrowers who’s loans will now educate and empower the children of their village.

Help Us Improve Our Model

We’ve come up with what we think is the best method to alleviate poverty. But we realize there’s always room for improvement. We’d love to hear your ideas of how we can make an even greater impact.