The Baraka Health Center: The Impact of Healthcare on Kenyan Communities

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Written by Alyssa Vandenberg

Humans of Change supports the efforts of the Baraka Health Center, a health clinic created by Humans of Change’s partnered international education charity Free the Children. Located in Kenya, the Baraka Health Center aids an estimate of 30,000 people in the Maasai, Kipsigis, and Kisii communities. In most rural areas throughout developing countries, little to no medical supplies or care is available, but the Baraka Health Center provides both of these necessities to those in these Kenyan villages. In order to create lasting change, the Baraka Health Center not only gives medical resources to the villagers, but also helps community members enact positive, healthy changes in their community that will decrease the risk of preventable diseases. The center provides preventative care such as mother and child health services and a child welfare clinic, as well as medical services, such as immunizations, general patient treatment, and the distribution of medicine. The clinic also offers proper hygiene and sanitation classes as well as classes for midwives on how to help pregnant women. Through providing these classes and giving community members a source of medical knowledge, the Baraka Health Center helps Kenyan families enact healthy changes in their lives.

The impact of the Baraka Health Clinic on these Kenyan communities has been tremendous. Since its beginning five years ago, the Baraka Health Center has saved thousands of community members. Many Kenyans will walk up to eight hours to receive treatment at the clinic. Because Free the Children subsidizes medication at the health center, the cost of both medical treatment and medication can be lowered for community members who come to the clinic. Many living in rural Kenya only have herbal or tribal healing, with no access to effective medication. The Baraka Health Clinic provides the necessary medical treatment and supplies to the Kenyan villagers to save thousands of people.
To support the Baraka Health Clinic, please visit Free the Children’s health page, and click donate:

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