One step into Zimbabwe’s schoolyard was all it took for me to realize that change was a phenomenon created by education.
Arriving home, impacted by that moment, I decided that I wanted to provide education to all those without access, giving others an opportunity for change.

A college student, born and raised in the Bay Area, my love for travel has taken me to amazing places and given me life-changing experiences. Over the past year, I’ve traveled to over 15 countries and have been blessed to meet people from diverse areas of the globe.

The birth of Humans of Change began in Africa.

Walking through a rural village of Zimbabwe, I’ll never forget the sight of every student beaming with excitement and curiosity as we passed through classrooms. Speaking personally with the Headmaster, it was obvious that students relied heavily on their education for a better future. Coming home to realize that a total of 114 million children around the world don’t even get a basic education inspired me to launch Humans of Change.

Our mission is to build schools in rural villages and create sustainability through education. Check out our model.

My goal is to provide education for all those who lack greater opportunity. With your help, we can alleviate poverty for people around the world and educate thousands of individuals.

Did you know? Educated mothers immunize their children 50% more often than mothers who are not educated. With 584 million women illiterate, we can easily change the survival rate of children in poverty.

DONATE now and help end the eleven million deaths of children each year who die from completely preventable causes.

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