Build Sites: Ending Poverty Through Education

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Written by Alyssa Vandenberg

Humans of Change fully supports the efforts of its partnered educational and charity nonprofit, Free the Children, in alleviating poverty through education. According to Free the Children, 120 million children world-wide do not have the means to receive an education. As the location of a future school, a build site provides the future opportunity for Kenyan children to receive the education vital for ending the cycle of poverty. Though education is now free for children in Kenya, many children cannot attend school because the current school in their community lacks the resources to accommodate more students. By creating new schools in Kenyan communities, education becomes much more accessible to many children. Additionally, not only can a build site and the creation of a new school bring the promise of education, but the actual building of the school can also help Kenyans escape poverty. Free the Children employs Kenyan helper workers called Fundis, who oversee the building of the school and help the volunteers. This not only ensures that each school will be built properly and safely, but also gives Kenyans an opportunity for employment.

Pamela Sendee, founder of Humans of Change, at a build site of a future school.
Pamela Sendee, founder of Humans of Change, at the build site of a future school.


Humans of Change is currently in the process of building its first school, and we plan to build many more schools to impact Kenyan communities as we grow and expand. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Humans of Change could not agree more. By building schools in Kenya, Humans of Change works towards creating a global opportunity for education.

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