• Humans of Change is a non-profit organization that builds schools to alleviate poverty and create sustainability through education. Join us to build a school in Kenya and educate thousands of students for over 20 years.

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Water Walk with Mamas

Written by Alyssa Vandenberg Free the Children, the partnered nonprofit of Humans of Change, promotes gender equality in the communities it works in. One way that Free the Children does this is by... READ MORE

Warrior Training

Written by Alyssa Vandenberg Pamela Sendee, founder of Humans of Change, had the opportunity to experience a warrior training while volunteering in Kenya. Many volunteers enjoy participating in this activity, which includes learning... READ MORE

Food Security and Sustainability in Kenya

Written by Alyssa Vandenberg Humans of Change’s partnered nonprofit Free the Children works towards creating food sustainability in impoverished communities. In Kenya, many families work as subsistence farmers, and are dependent upon the... READ MORE